Sunday, May 13, 2012

ENGLISH MONTH (The Ugly Duckling) for PRA

The Ugly Duckling

 Pupils listening attentively to the story
 Mr Quack
Pupils with Mr Quack
Quacking happily while listening to the story

May is the English Month for the school. Apart from the various activities planned by the English Committees, this will supplement. enrich  and support the existing plans. 

Some of the objectives are:
  • To highlight on the importance of reading.
  • To develop the reading interest.
  • To engage pupils in reading through various activities that creates fun reading and learning experience.
  • To emphasize the role of the School Library as a place where pupils can get and utilize the various reading materials.
  • To generate more interest in the subject, English Language. 

Every day for two weeks pupils will get the chance to experience various activities that support the idea of Learn and Play that promote happy and non threatening learning environment as  outline in SPN21.

Picture and story : Alya

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